Around the Grounds: Facebook wants Aussie consultants, Kinect for Windows

The social-networking giant is after Australian candidates to be selected to its Preferred Developer Consultant Program, and we add in a bit of Friday lightheartedness.

Facebook's Preferred Developer Consultant Program functions as an endorsement program for development houses that build Facebook apps, and they are looking for a few select companies from Australia to join the fold.

"This is a very small program --- a handful in each region around the world. It's not like we're looking for dozens in Australia. I'm looking for a few key people that are willing to put the work in to be part of the program," Facebook's head of platform partnerships for Asia Pacific/Japan, Alexander Kleinberg, said.

Michael Lee over at our sister site has all the details.

Also on is a fine lighthearted video that demonstrates what doing business with Microsoft's Kinect on Windows might look like.

On a serious note, I'm looking forward to the applications that will be developed for Windows next year using the Kinect. I expect that the first ones will want to replicate the Minority Report interface, but presumably without the glove we saw back in 2007.