AtG: did someone say launches?

While Australia slept, the wraps came off a quartet of technologies; plus, we see when the NBN is heading your way.

Leading straight off the bat today are the two big launches of last night: Windows 8 and Raspberry Pi. While Microsoft has expectantly survived the traffic hit, the suppliers of Raspberry Pi had their sites meltdown within minutes of launch.

Given that the Pi suppliers are based in the UK, if you managed to see what the shipping price to Australia is, I'd be interested in hearing it.

Microsoft did not stop at Windows 8, with the Visual Studio 11 beta seeing the light of day — check out our quick take on the lack of colour in the new version — and Redmond has repackaged the venerable Flight Simulator as the freemium Microsoft Flight.

Remember that article on BrowserID from earlier this month? Mozilla has decided to muddy the waters in its naming conventions by renaming BrowserID to Persona. The existing skins project that was formerly known as Personas is now nameless, with a new name to be decided later.

While it's been possible in the past to go through the NBN roll-out PDFs and work out when your suburb is planned to be connected to fibre or wireless, the folks over at NBN Co have made it easier by creating a map for the upcoming 12 months of the roll-out.

As you check out when the NBN roll-out will hit your suburb, consider the fact that the people inside of Parliament House, who are making laws dealing with the internet and the NBN, only just this week had their filter on .info sites lifted for senators and departmental staff.