AtG: Gov 2.0, gaming R18+ referred, and more NBN

The NBN has added 191K homes to its 2012 roll-out plan, former US CIO talks Government 2.0, and an R18+ rating for video games has been referred to an inquiry.

We have a trio of sagas to sink your teeth into today.

First up is that saga where classification meets video games. Yesterday, R18+ legislation was introduced in federal parliament, and then swiftly referred by the coalition to an inquiry. The legislation targets 1 January 2013 as the start date. This does not mean that it will be a free-for-all for games; refused classification will still exist and will be used in cases such as sexual violence.

Next saga is the NBN roll-out. New figures released yesterday show that 191,000 premises were added to its 12-month roll-out plan for 2012. The major centres added to the plan were found in Footscray, Karingal and Keysborough in Victoria, and Bellerive, Claremont and South Launceston in Tasmania. You lucky people. The NBN Company also posted this gallery of an NBN installation on its blog.

Our final saga deals with Government 2.0. Former US CIO Vivek Kundra gave a talk about innovation, technology and Government 2.0 yesterday. Probably not a talk for the buzzword bingo players in the audience, but an interview that Kundra did afterwards with Pia Waugh is embedded below.