AtG: NBN support, bizarre MS vid, and Ubuntu on Android

Australians clearly support an NBN, Microsoft marketing makes more crazy, NSW and Victoria sign up for brand TLDs, and a dockable Android phone runs Ubuntu.

Because one of the things that Australians cannot get enough of is polling, a poll was conducted to test the level of support for the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Essential Research conducted the online poll and the results were that 56 per cent of the 1042 respondents were in favour of the NBN, with 25 per cent against.

The breakdown by favoured party was not surprising; 80 per cent of Labor voters supported the NBN, with Greens voters on 77 per cent, and coalition voters split with 42 per cent in favour and 43 per cent against.

Meanwhile, the NSW and Victorian governments have signed off on a vendor to assist them in a joint application for the purchase of new .sydney and .melbourne top-level domains (TLDs). The vendor chosen is the same vendor used by the AFL for a new .afl domain. Things are just going to get silly in the TLD realm, but there is clearly money to be made by administering these TLDs.

Right on cue for the forthcoming silliness comes another amazing piece of art from the folks at Microsoft marketing. There must be a switch in Redmond marketing that oscillates between boring and bizarre — it seems to be the only two tones that they can work with. Watch it for yourself:

And finally, much to my surprise, Ubuntu has shown off a rather slick-looking implementation of its operating system working on and with Android. This is definitely where the future lies, if someone can overcome the storage, performance and bandwidth issues that would stop this working well for everyday use on a current phone.