AtG: Wozniak, iPad 4G, XobotOS, Web Directions

Woz discusses open versus closed ecosystems, and the ACCC and Apple will still meet in court despite an iPad rebranding.

Steve Wozniak took to the stage yesterday in Sydney to cover a range of issues, many of which have been covered mercilessly in biographies about the Apple founders, and the one that stood out was Woz discussing the virtues of open and closed ecosystems.

"There's a lot of things about the closedness of Apple I don't like and wouldn't have done myself, but obviously I'm very overjoyed with the quality of the products. So is that a result or not? I'm not expert enough to say," Wozniak said.

"If making it open would give us not the quality of Apple products all working together like they do, I would say keep it closed."

Woz also said that it was a good thing that engineers were not running Apple today.

"Fortunately, at Apple, the major decisions weren't made by engineers. At Hewlett-Packard, that was the case, and it was appropriate because we were making products for engineers. If we had engineering making all the decisions at Apple, it would have been — in my mind — very bad," he said.

Sticking to the world of Apple for the moment, Apple has rebranded its iPad "Wi-Fi + 4G" to the new "Wi-Fi + Cellular" name in Australia, US, UK, Canada, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Ireland, and Hong Kong according to 9to5Mac.

(Screenshot by Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

But that hasn't placated the ACCC who told sister site ZDNet Australia:

"Any move by Apple to cease using the descriptor of '4G' will mitigate against the ACCC's concerns, but will not deal with any past conduct."

Apple and the ACCC will still meet in the Federal Court on June 4 in Melbourne.

Moving over to mobile, one of the main criticisms of Android is its reliance on Java. If you wished Google would replace Java with C# then XobotOS could be for you. Built by Xamarin, a company reconstructed from the remains of Novell's Mono group, the XobotOS was a research project that is claimed to be faster than Google's Dalvik engine — just don't expect it to appear on a handset anytime soon.

The XobotOS source is availble on GitHub, but there has not been any action on the project since Miguel de Icaza did his initial import of the project.

Late mail has arrived informing us that the first collection of speakers has been announced for Web Directions South 2012.

The event will be held on October 16 to October 19 and will once again be hosted in the Sydney Convention Centre. Early bird pricing is available until July 13.

By Chris Duckett

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