Catch up on AusCERT 2012

The 11th edition of the AusCERT security conference is underway on Queensland's Gold Coast, and we've got the video lowdown.

AusCERT, Australia's premier information security conference, is back for another year, and so are those lucky people from ZDNet Australia.

This year, there's a tank on premises, too, as the below video shows.

The conference's opening keynote was delivered by Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure. In the interview below, Hypponen talks about cyberwarfare, and says that cyberweapons are not a deterrent.

"Cyber arms don't go on forever; they have an expiration date, they go bad. You have to have a current constant stockpile of tools, if you are planning on using them at all ...The only way for others to know you have powerful cybercapabilities is to show it off. Maybe we will eventually see cyber arms negotiations and cyberdisarmament," he said.

From 4pm AEST today (17 May), ZDNet Australia will be broadcasting a live panel discussion entitled "Tough Talk: BYO Disaster?" You can watch the discussion at this page.