Friday fun day: Aussie diesel sub outwits US Navy

Finish off the week with this entertaining video of an Aussie submarine outwitting its US counterparts in war games off the coast of Hawaii.

I'm sure there's some lesson about smart people and mid-tier technology being able to beat the best technology in the world through good planning, leadership, and excellent execution — but rather than dwell on that, let's just sit back and watch this great video from the ABC's Submariners series:

A bit of background on the submarine: the Collins-class subs are the largest conventionally powered submarine class in the world, and its six vessels were the first to be built locally in Australia.

What the submarine is best known for in the eyes of the public are all the problems and defects that popped up during construction and sea trials. The subs were so loud when they first appeared that they were referred to as underwater washing machines.

It definitely looks like all of those issues have been sorted out now, though. There's definitely another lesson in there about change management and making lemons from lemonade, but I can't get past the "Awesome! Technology!" feelings that happen when watching videos such as these.


By Chris Duckett

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