10 hot up-and-coming computer careers

As the world grows more technical, you can expect IT job opportunities to pop up in some unusual places.

Reports from the U.S. Dept of Labor (DoL) and Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicate that the top ten fastest growing, high-demand careers between 2000-2014 show a significant number of IT-related jobs.

In addition to the usual tech career areas--network administrator, tech support person, security expert--some more are popping up in unusual places.

Computermajors.com lists some these areas of tech that they think will grow in the next few years:

Environmental Simulations Developer--This is a developer who will both develop accurate environmental models, run simulations, and collect data. Video Game Developer--This area can only grow. Also, computermajors says that video games will be entering new domains, such as the health and education industries, on much larger scales. Bioinformatics Simulations Modeling. Bioinformatics is the study of genomes, gene sequencing, protein structures, etc., all of which help advance medical discoveries. 3D Animation Technician--If James Cameron and the likes of his Avatar are any indication, the demand for this kind of technician will grow. Medical Modeling Systems Developer and Technician--The ever-evolving world of medical science needs advanced computer systems to model new technology. Digital Film Production Assistant and Technician--According to the computermajors site, "While actual reel film might have its advantages and still be in use, post production-wise the trend is digital - both for movies and TV - using sophisticated computer systems that require a specialized training to use. Add to this the pending widespread use of HDTV (High-Def) broadcasting, and the distribution of content online, and additional technical careers will no doubt be available to be filled." Training Software Developer--There are opportunities for digital entrepreneurs in building paid membership websites that teach specific topics. Visual and Audio Content Producers--Online businesses are going to increase the creation of compelling visual and audio content, therefore familiarity with high-level codes like Action Script and the ability to use video screen capture software such as Camtasia Studio will be very marketable.