A guide to wasting time at work

According to a survey on Salary.com, employees admit to "wasting" approximately 2.09 hours of each work day. How do they waste the time? Surfing the Net, chatting with co-workers, making personal phone calls, and running personal errands.

Here's how the time wasting break down:

  1. Surfing the Internet -- 44.7 percent
  2. Socializing with co-workers -- 23.4 percent
  3. Conducting personal business -- 6.8 percent [Bowers' note: I'm not sure if this means calling your hairstylist to schedule an appointment or running a dry-cleaning business out of your cube.]
  4. Spacing out -- 3.9 percent [Bowers' note: How, exactly, would you measure that?]
  5. Running errands off-premise -- 3.1 percent
  6. Making personal phone calls -- 2.3 percent
  7. Applying for other jobs -- 1.3 percent
  8. Planning personal events -- 1.0 percent
  9. Arriving late/leaving early -- 1.0 percent
  10. Other -- 12.5 percent [Bowers' note: Other? What's left, dare I ask?]

Also according to the survey, the way in which time is wasted also varies by age:

  • 58-77 years old: 0.50 hours per day
  • 48-57 years old: 0.68 hours per day
  • 38-47 years old: 1.19 hours per day
  • 28-37 years old: 1.61 hours per day
  • 22-27 years old: 1.95 hours per day

(Wonder how much time is "wasted" in meetings or poor communication between departments?) Do you think these numbers are about right? How do you "waste" time?