A site that makes Facebook useful for your career. Wait, what?

A new site works with your Facebook account to show you where job openings are.

I've often cautioned readers about how their Facebook activities can negatively affect their careers. I'm going to take a different tack here and highlight a new site that lets you use Facebook for your job search.

In The Door is a new site that works by accessing information from your Facebook account with your permission. It can tell you where your Facebook friends work and have worked, as well as show you job openings at those companies. That way, you can contact that Facebook friend for more information or for a connection to get your foot "in the door."

It's not the first site to claim it can help job seekers use Facebook for professional gain, but its fresh and easy-to-use format makes it a cut above.

Some handy features:

  • Unlike some Facebook apps, this one does not ask for permission to post to your wall.
  • Unless you use the messaging feature, your friends won't know you're browsing jobs.
  • It lets you sort job openings by geographic area.

In the Door is free for now. Check it out here.