A surefire tip for making yourself memorable after an interview

Would you like to somehow ensure that job decision makers remember you after the interview is over? And by "remember," I don't mean because you came in wearing a jester's hat or hit on the receptionist. I mean that you stood out from the other candidates in a good way.

If you don't feel comfortable that your credentials alone will make you memorable, here's a tactic you can use: Come prepared with a story or two that illustrate points you want to make about your work history. For example, you can sit there and reel off a list of duties you were in charge of, but if you attach some kind of story, the interviewer will create a mental image of it, which will make you more memorable.

For example, you could simply state that in your past job, your role extended through troubleshooting, installing, upgrading, and 24-disaster recovery. Or you could relate a specific story about having to recover an important document for an end user who was sobbing beside you as you worked. Don't make stories up, of course, but try to find one that contains a visual element that will make an impression on the interviewer. That way, when he starts thinking about candidates after the interviews are over, you'll stand out in his mind.