Add a QR code to your resume to illustrate your strengths

An expert on online reputation management gives five reasons you should include a QR code in your resume.

James Alexander, Founder & CEO of Vizibility, says that adding a QR code to your resume is a tech-savvy way to illustrate your strengths. A QR (quick-response) code is a two-dimensional, barcode-like image that, once scanned, directs potential employers to carefully selected, customized web pages for more information about a job seeker. (Figure A shows a QR code.)

Figure A

Those of us who don't want to be thought of as an object or commodity might get a little creeped out by this, but Alexander offers reasons you need a QR code on your resume:

  1. Get some attention: QR codes are used on all sorts of marketing materials, but they're still pretty rare on resumes. When you use a QR code, your resume stands out. It's also like Botox for your resume, branding older job seekers as tech-savvy.
  2. Don't land in the round file: A QR code can help you make sure prospective employers see relevant links about you when they conduct an online search...instead of an arrest record belonging to someone with the same or a similar name.
  3. Send a mobile-friendly message: Over half of online searches start from a mobile device these days. With the right service, you can set up a QR code that links to a mobile-friendly mini-site that showcases curated links and information. It will make a better impression than sending a user to a portfolio site that requires side-to-side scrolling.
  4. Check out who's interested: With an online identity management service, you can set up an alert system to receive a text or email when someone scans your QR code. You can also receive geographical information to identify where the scan originated to track interest in your resume.
  5. Keep your links up to date and/or change your focus: You control the URL to which your QR code directs users. You can change the links and information at your mobile mini-site to accommodate new information you want to share with prospective employers or to tailor your profile for specific job searches.