An emerging career no one knows about

Helping to automate hospital record-keeping is an up-and-coming (and lucrative) career choice.

I was reading a piece on Yahoo's Education today that talked about some new career paths that no one's ever heard of.

While most were not directly connected to technology, one was: Nursing Informatics.

The article pointed out that, ironically, hospitals are way behind in automation, with most of their record-keeping still being done on paper.

From the article:

Nursing informatics specialists, with training in both nursing and health information technology, bridge the gap between IT and patient care—an essential part of healthcare in the future. That's why many of them make over $100,000 a year.

And if you're the altruistic sort, consider this: Digital record-keeping could help to eliminate the preventable medical errors that take nearly 100,000 patients a year.

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