Are social media and mobile app jobs just fads?

Are social media and mobile app jobs fads or legitimate fields to get into? recently ran a piece about the six hottest new jobs in IT.  The list was:

1. Business architect--helps merge technology and business processes

2. Data scientist--opens up new opportunities by uncovering hidden patterns in unstructured data, such as customer behavior or market cycles.

3. Social media architect--helps companies maneuver the complexity of social business apps

4. Mobile technology expert--builds mobile apps, architects mobile strategies, and secures those devices

5. Enterprise mobile developer--makes sense of mobile data, develop apps, and ensure security compliance

6. Cloud architect-- leads the charge to deliver on the increased efficiency and agility promised by the private cloud.

What I thought was pretty interesting was one comment from a reader who took issue with these top six jobs. He says:

Mostly powered by the social, at-home and play crowd, some genius wanted to validate these Internet portal toys (tablets, smart phones, etc) to work, and are trying everything to keep this nonsense going, even leaning towards having network appliances tweet you when they begin to have issues now. This social engineering is such a load of garbage, when the fad wears off, many will wake up with their SE hangovers and their expensive Internet portal toys gathering dust alongside their treadmills, stationary bikes, and other faddish nonsense that seemed (at the time) like the next wave of where everyone needed to go.

So what do you think? Are most of these types of job just some temporary fad or do you think this guy just might be a disgruntled IT pro who doesn't want to go with the flow?