Barbie has a new career: Computer Engineer

Barbie has moved into the world of Computer engineering and she's got the pink laptop and bluetooth headset to prove it!

I don't want to date myself too much but when I was a kid, Barbie dolls were either trophy wives or single girls whose daily activities consisted solely of driving around in a Corvette convertible and being tan.

There was some consolation a few years ago when Mattel began marketing Barbie in job roles in the hopes of not only being more realistic (after all, those pink raincoats don't pay for themselves!) but also in encouraging little girls to set goals more lofty than a two-inch waist. Called the I Can Be line, Barbies now come in Barbie Vet, Nascar Driver Barbie (even before Danica Patrick!), who is only slightly larger than an actual Barbie), Paleontologist Barbie, Police Officer Barbie, and I could just go on and on.

So Mattel decided to run a vote-in contest for what job role the newest Barbie would have. And the winner of the popular vote was Computer Engineer.

Now if you're always on the lookout for frontiers in the gender equality movement, don't get real excited. Computer Engineer Barbie comes with a pink laptop and matching pink shoes and eyeglasses, but I guess if there weren't stereotypical lengths to go to, Computer Engineer Barbie might not have happened at all. After all, pink is her signature color.

And just to throw one more thought out there for debate: Apparently she's running Linux.