Can you rise in a company without being a strategic thinker?

Attention to detail is a great quality to have in IT, but do you think it's possible to reach the executive ranks of a company without being able to think strategically?

I have a friend who is highly intelligent and very detail oriented. He wanted to further his career so he earned an MBA. He's currently very frustrated because he feels like his bosses have never appreciated his intelligence (or at least shown that appreciation by way of a promotion to a more strategic position in the company).

If you want to make sure all your t's are crossed on a project, then he is definitely a person you want in your corner. I think that this is recognized and appreciated by his boss, to the point where he's the go-to person for that kind of thing.

However, he is also the first person to admit that he is not a strategic thinker. This got me to thinking if someone can reach an executive position in a company without being strategically-minded. Also, I wonder if strategic thinking can be taught or if it is something ingrained in the personality.

I'd like to get your opinions on this in a poll. Please take a second to take the poll below and we'll talk about the results once they're in.