Companies should get more creative with perks

Transcendental Meditation is on the rise in the workplace now that studies have shown its health benefits. What other perks would you like to see?

You've seen the articles recently that companies are looking beyond pay raises to satisfy their employees. For example, more companies are offering their harried employees flex time. Another perk that is making news right now is Transcendental Meditation (TM ). A lot of companies are beginning onsite TM programs for their employees.

A recent study by the National Institutes of Health offers medical proof that TM can decrease blood pressure in young adults (college students) and is associated with decreased psychological distress and coping ability.

I'd be curious to hear from anyone in this audience who's done TM who can talk about its benefits.

[Editor's note: This next section is just for fun. Some of you don't like fun. I just ask that instead of posting that we must be desperate for topics, just go ahead and click off the page.]

But speaking of perks, my preferences are much more mundane than TM and have little or no health benefits. For example, my desired perks would be:

  • Chocolate on tap - Everything, with the exception of my waist line, is better with chocolate.
  • Nap time - I love to nap. If I promise not to do it in the middle of a managers' meeting, can I have this? Please? We actually have a small couch here at TechRepublic but it's located in the exercise room and I find it hard to truly relax when there's a treadmill over in the corner mocking my laziness.
  • Company dog/cat - At home I have four dogs and two cats, and I find that being with them lowers my blood pressure and stress level. Disclosure: Except for Minnie, the dog who tried to eat our couch, and Dallas, the cat who systematically dismantled our Christmas tree last year.

So let's hear the perks you'd like to see. Also tell us about the perks your company currently uses and if they work or don't work.