Dogs, and other ways of creating work-life balance

The Nestle Purina Company allows employees to bring their dogs to work. This is just one idea for helping with the work-life balance of your work force.

I just read that the Nestle Purina Company allows its employees to bring their dogs to work. This is one measure that company takes to offer a better work-life balance for its employees. Dude! What a beautiful thing. (Short history lesson: Henri Nestle, who founded the company in 1867, was also instrumental in creating the first chocolate bar, so he's already tops in my book.)

Now, of course, a dog in the workplace might not sit well with some people, but the concept is, in my opinion, an ingenious and unique bit of morale-building.

Here are some other companies that are being creative in their quests to give employees a better work/life balance.

What could you company do to make your life more balanced, besides the obvious of asking you to work too many hours?