Feeling the pressure to work sick

In an article on ComputerWorld, I read this statement: "Forty percent of organizations say they discourage sick workers from coming to the office by educating employees on the importance of staying home when they're ill."

Apparently, I've never had the opportunity to work for a company in that forty percent, because I don't recall being discouraged from coming in when I'm sick. Maybe it's me but, historically, I've always felt the slightest tinge of judgment in a boss's voice when I call in sick, like it's a weakness in my character.

"You say you've actually coughed up a lung? Well, OK, but you'll be in tomorrow, right?"

The piece I read said its employees are reluctant to stay home for their own reasons, which results in "a phenomenon known as presenteeism -- when sick workers come to work but can't perform at their usual level and endanger the health of co-workers."

So what do you think? Do you think the reluctance to miss work is because of managerial pressure (and a fear of discipline) or your own heavy workload?