Grade your job poll results: Network Administrator

Here are the poll results for grade your job: Network Administrator.

We’ve had a great response to the grade-your-job polls we’ve been running. I will be displaying the results of each job position and then will combine all the results for those of you contemplating a change of specialty or entering the IT field for the first time.

This week: the results of the poll of network administrators. There were some very interesting comments in the discussion following the poll about stress levels and stress management on the job. Most people agreed that the company culture has a lot to do with how stressful the network administrator job is. TR member bpate, for example, said that he went from a corporate job that was high-stress to one in the education arena where the tolerance level from end users is much better. TR member Head_IT_Man said the job is stressful in general just like an auto mechanic's:

"Getting your car serviced means you have to deal with a lot of unhappy people -- you generally only see people when their car is broken, or they are about to have it serviced, meaning it's going to cost them money. IT Admin and Support is very similar -- the majority of people we deal with are unhappy, because something is broken.... whether it's their fault or our fault, they're unhappy mostly."

But the trick seems to be figuring out how you handle the stress. Here are the poll results:

How would you rate the stress level of your job?

How would you rate your compensation?

How easy is it to find a job in your field?

How would you rate your overall satisfaction with your job?