How to manage the people who manage you

For most employees, you have more than just one manager setting expectations for you. Your "role set" includes co-workers, customers, and maybe managers further up in the organization. Learn how to manage the people who manage you.

If someone were to ask you how many people at work are telling you what to do, you'd probably reply just your manager. But according to a new whiteboard video on BNET by Ed Muzio, CEO of Group Harmonics, there could be anywhere from five to eight people who are guiding your work or setting expectations for your work day in and day out. These could include a co-worker, a customer, a manager higher up the food chain, etc. It's all a part of the Role Set Theory -- each of us has a set of five to eight people in the workplace who define expectations for us and reward or sanction our behavior. In fact, 80% of our work behavior is driven by our work role sets.

In this whiteboard video, Muzio gives advice on how to manage your role set.