I just knew it: Holiday Party Sobriety Test app

Yes, it's here: a mobile app that is built to keep you from drunkenly embarrassing yourself at the company holiday party.

Now that Twitter offers us yet another way to embarrass ourselves to a potentially large group of people, it only makes sense that there would be a need for a mobile app that might help us curb that tendency.

And there is: TDA and Webroot launched the Holiday Party Sobriety Test, a free mobile app for Android and iPhone devices, that is designed to save us all from our inebriated selves. They claim that the app was created to keep us out of trouble and that it "provides a series of sobriety tests that can be taken right at the party. Failure of any of the tests triggers a warning to dial it down for the rest of the evening."

Readers of this blog know how I feel about mobile apps attempting to replace common sense, but if something like this keeps you from drunkenly posting on Facebook a picture of yourself doing shots on the boss's desk at the office party, then, by all means, download it.