Is your boss crazy?

Is your boss temperamental? A tad disorganized? Or do you suspect that he or she is just downright crazy? Take this fun quiz and then let's talk.

I've heard bad boss stories from TechRepublic members that made my hair stand on end. I recognize that I'm only hearing one side of the tale. Still, the behavior described has been pretty eye-opening.

So I thought it would be fun to really stop and consider these "bad bosses." Is your bad boss just moody? Maybe a tad ineffective? A poor time manager? Or do you suspect that he or she is just out-and-out nuts?

I came across a fun quiz supplied by's Stanley Bing in which you answer questions about your boss's behavior. So take the quiz and find out if your boss is crazy.

Come back to this discussion area and let me know what you found out.