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Landing a job at Facebook: What they're looking for

It's not easy getting hired on at a tech powerhouse like Facebook but here is an idea of what they're currently looking for. recently offered a couple of little tidbits in regard to the job outlook at Facebook. Currently they have 330 job openings that break down like this:

  • Sales and Business Development-57
  • Software Engineering -55
  • Communication, public policy, product management, growth and analytics-38
  • HR and Recruiting-35
  • Technical Operations-31
  • Online Operations-30
  • Legal, Finance, Facilities and Admin-28
  • IT and Security-24
  • Platform and Product Marketing-21
  • Design and user experience -11

Facebook currently receives about 250,000 resumes a year, so getting hired is obviously not a cake walk, but they give preference to Builders who have built their own apps, launched products or organizations, frequently use Facebook, and have a reference from inside the company.

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