Layoff: A personal perspective

The poor American economy brings with it the specter of widespread job loss. Even IT pros who think they're immune to a layoff are being unpleasantly surprised. Here is one IT pro's experience.

The job outlook is so bleak that I think most everyone harbors some degree of anxiety about holding on to their job. Maybe the cruelest trick you can play on yourself is to believe you're immune from layoffs because you're indispensible to the company. TechRepublic member jdclyde learned the hard way that no one is immune to the ax. In this blog, he talks about how the layoff went down and how he felt as the realities of life as an unemployed single dad of twin boys hit him. If you've lost your job, you will surely be able to identify with what he writes about. If you have been through this and came out on top, maybe you can offer some helpful advice in the discussion following the blog. Click here to read the first installment.