Midsize cities may be hotter for tech jobs than larger ones

According to a new analysis, smaller populated cities such as Charlotte, N.C., Baltimore and Hartford, Conn., actually outrank many large cities such as Dallas and San Francisco in available tech jobs.

According to CareerBliss, an online career community, midsize cities may be hotter for jobs than larger cities, especially for tech and engineering. The information is based on analysis from 2010 that evaluates what cities had the highest number of open job listings per metro area. CareerBliss projects the top hiring cities for the new year and found that for 2011, smaller populated cities such as Charlotte, N.C., Baltimore and Hartford, Conn., actually outrank many large cities such as Dallas and San Francisco. The data reveals that it is not always the larger metro areas that provide more job opportunities; rather, if there is a large need for technology, sales and engineering, a medium-sized city can easily be a key area for job growth.

Top 20 cities and the average annual open jobs listed:

1 New York 779,778
2 Washington 695,566
3 Chicago 608,375
4 Los Angeles 528,870
5 Philadelphia 457,918
6 Boston 424,726
7 Atlanta 335,493
8 Charlotte 303,725
9 Dallas 293,691
10 San Francisco 283,080
11 Seattle 270,747
12 Pittsburgh 243,136
13 Baltimore 236,672
14 Denver 227,272
15 San Jose 222,647
16 Phoenix 186,657
17 Hartford, Conn. 174,705
18` Miami 169,160
19 Houston 167,555
20 San Diego 149,513

Typically larger cities post more job openings, but CareerBliss data shows a different trend. Heidi Golledge, Co-founder and CEO of CareerBliss says, "In 2011, you will see an increase in hiring in medium-sized cities such as Baltimore, and Hartford Conn., which came in fifteenth and seventeenth on the list.  Outranking the city of Houston, Baltimore owes its growth to their heavy concentration of jobs in the health, science and technology industries. When looking for a new career opportunity in 2011, it is vital to keep in mind not only the job and industry type, but location."

One location job seekers may not typically think of in their search is Charlotte, North Carolina. With a population of about six hundred thousand people, Charlotte outranks cities such as Dallas, Houston and San Diego, which have more than one million people in their metro areas. Data shows a heavy surge in information technology from companies such as BAE Systems which has invested more money into their Charlotte location and added jobs to the area. The upward hiring trend for these twenty cities is expected to continue well into 2011.

By Toni Bowers

Toni Bowers is the former Managing Editor of TechRepublic and is the award-winning blogger of the Career Management blog. She has edited newsletters, books, and web sites pertaining to software, IT career, and IT management issues.