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Most despised corporate buzzwords

Do you have a particular buzzword that you hate? Here's a whole list of them!

CareerBuilder asked 5,000 workers to choose the buzzwords they hated the most. I thought the list was interesting because I cannot believe anyone with half a brain and/or an ounce of self-respect would continue to use these terms. Anyway, here are the top terms employees despise:

  • Outside the box (31%)
  • Low-hanging fruit (24%)
  • Synergy (23%) (This one I can't believe. People still say this?)
  • Loop me in (22%)
  • Best of breed (19%)
  • Incentivize (19%)
  • Mission-critical (19 %)
  • Bring to the table (18%)
  • Value-add (17%)
  • Elevator pitch (16%)
  • Actionable items (15%)
  • Proactive (15%)
  • Circle back (13%)
  • Bandwidth (13%)
  • High level (10%)
  • Learnings (9%)
  • Next steps (6%)

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