Most trustworthy American companies to work for

Audit Integrity created a list of the 100 most trustworthy American companies based on their transparent and conservative accounting practices. ran a piece recently in which they talked about the 100 most trustworthy companies to work for, as compiled by Audit Integrity, an independent financial analytics company in Los Angeles. The analytics company looks beyond the raw data to find companies that have demonstrated transparent and conservative accounting practices and solid corporate governance and management.

According to Forbes, to qualify for the roster "the 100 companies all had to have market caps of $200 million or more at the time Audit Integrity prepared the list, AGR ratings of "conservative" or "average" over each of the last four quarters and no amended filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission or material restatements over the last year." I list the top five companies based on whether they are large-, mid-, or small cap. For the rest of the list and to learn more about the qualifying criteria, click here.

Top five most trustworthy large-cap companies

Top five most trustworthy mid-cap companies

Top five most trustworthy small-cap companies