Places to look for new jobs in the tech arena

The tech sector seems to be the first horse out of the gate in recovering from the recession. Here are some areas across the U.S. that are creating tech jobs.

There's good news for tech pros looking for work: While the tech industry was one of the last to be affected by the recession, it appears to be one of the first ones making a rebound. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for computer network, systems, and database administrators are expected to increase much faster than other occupations, by 30%, through the end of the decade. Here are a few of the initiatives expected to happen in the U.S. this year that will open up more tech jobs:

  • The tech presence is increasing enormously in the South Bay area. Over the past few months, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple have expanded operations in the South Bay area. Also, Dell is expanding its presence in Santa Clara, California, and is expected to create hundreds of new jobs for tech professionals. Just months after setting up shop in Silicon Valley, Dell said it was ready to expand into a second building in the South Bay, hoping to add as many as 850 employees this year.
  • There's a new government contract to support Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio that will help create several hundred new jobs for people with computer technology experience.
  • This one is surprising: Detroit, which suffered so badly in the recession, is beginning several research and development projects in the high tech and automotive sectors. Detroit has a high rate of engineering graduates that has helped the state become the fastest-growing in the country for high tech-related jobs.
  • Wyoming has doubled the funding that's available to certain types of high tech and computer research development companies, which will bring more jobs to the state and help boost tax revenues.
  • Facebook, looking to build a large engineering presence outside its West Coast office, said it would be hiring thousands of new workers next year in the New York City area.
  • In 2014, the global communications and information technology company Harris Corporation will create a $100-million high-tech center on Florida's Space Coast and will be looking to fill at least 100 engineering positions.