Please tell me they didn't

In either the funniest spoof or the scariest bit of reality, a marketing professional has posted some videotaped interviews he did with applicants for a fake job.

Steinar Skipsnes wanted to see how many people would agree to a job interview after being told that it would be videotaped for marketing purposes. More than 20 people signed the release to be videotaped. He also wanted to see what job seekers should say or do during job interviews to increase their chances of being hired.

The results are, like I said, either very funny or very scary, depending on their authenticity.

One woman claims her best achievement was to stay at a job, since she's known to "only stay at a job for six or seven months and then leaving." Another woman is left speechless when the Skipsnes shows her a racy image from her Facebook page and tells her it "concerns" him.

They're almost off-the-wall enough to make you think they are staged. But, then again, if you ever been on the hiring end of a job opening, they're not that far-fetched.

Here's the link if you want to take a cringe-worthy look: