Poll: Does not having a CS degree limit your job options?

With a glut of talent in the market, it is possible that a Computer Science degree may be a major differentiator, particularly for developers. What do you think?

This is a guest post by Justin James, the host of TechRepublic's Programming and Development blog.

Many of the developers I know (including myself) either have no college degree, or they majored in something other than Computer Science (CS). During the rah-rah years, this did not seem to be any issue. Lately, with the economy being tight, some out-of-work developers I know believe that their lack of a CS degree has been a contributing factor to them having a hard time getting work.

I feel that a CS degree only matters with certain jobs (such as AI or graphics development) where theory is pretty handy. But with a glut of talent in the market, it is quite possible that a CS degree may indeed be a major differentiator now. What are your thoughts?