Poll: Is HR an advocate for the employee?

Is the function of the Human Resources department in your company just to coordinate insurance benefits or do you feel it's an advocate for you?

The role of corporate HR varies by company. In some companies, HR is merely a department that handles medical benefits, 401k paperwork and helps in making new hires. In others, HR is instrumental in retaining and promoting top talent.

But is HR an advocate for the employee? If the feedback I'm getting from my readers is any indication, it is not. I've heard from staffers who say that HR is there to serve and protect the needs of management and make sure the company has what it needs to be profitable.

Many readers have reported that they do not get satisfactory results when they finally go to HR about an issue in the workplace. In fact, a couple of people have reported feeling "punished" in some way after having gone to HR.

So let's take an informal poll and see what the overall feeling about HR is among our audience: