Quiz: Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Many of us have at one point in our careers become frustrated with the places we work. Maybe it's the time-clock mentality you want to rebel against, or maybe you don't have faith in business decisions that are being made. Maybe you just don't feel fulfilled as an employee and would like to try your hand at being the boss. But do you really know what it would take to venture out and start our own business? Are you the entrepreneurial type?

In an article at career-intelligence.com, columnist Annette Richmond defines the characteristics that make entrepreneurs successful. I decided to see how I stacked up.

She said most successful entrepreneurs are enterprising [check!], resourceful [check!] and energetic (Uh oh.)

You can get a better idea if you have the right expectations for a step into entrepreneurism by taking the quiz Richmond has provided on the web site.