Software Engineer tops the list as the hottest job of 2011 releases its 2011 Jobs Rated Report, showing Software Engineer as the top job.

In the 2011 Jobs Rated Report released last week by, the number one job was Software Engineer. The job has gotten a boost from the development of apps for iPods, tablets, smart phones and other devices.

According to the report, Software Engineer topped the list as the hottest job of 2011 thanks to its low stress, great outlook for employment, strong income growth potential, few physical demands and a high environmental ranking. Rounding out the five best jobs are Mathematician, Actuary, Statistician and Computer Systems Analyst, while Roustabout (someone who works on an oil rig), Ironworker, Lumberjack, Roofer and Taxi Driver ranked as the five worst jobs.

Tony Lee, publisher of the Jobs Rated Report, says that a college education played a large role in this year's rankings. He said, "Not only do the top 5 jobs pay more than twice as much when comparing mid-level incomes as the bottom 5 jobs ($83,777 per year vs. $30,735 per year), they all benefit from a college degree and math skills."

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