SysAdmins: Be the star of this video series

SysAdmins--now is your chance to be an action star in a new video series from Qumu.

Is the sysadmin an action hero? The answer is yes, according to Qumu, a business video provider, and the Harris Poll folks.

A recent Harris Poll shows that SysAdmins have never been more important than they are right now, with a majority (61%) of online Americans agreeing that companies should allow employees to use whatever mobile device they choose for work related tasks, like reading email and viewing company videos. Unfortunately, only 9% of Americans believe employees are "very aware" of what kind of effects watching online videos on their mobile devices at work have may have on the speed and bandwidth of their company's wireless Internet network.

Qumu created the short film Qumu "SysAdmin Hero saves 'The Enterprise'" to kick off a series they're doing to illustrate the challenge of being sysadmins in a fun way while also giving them the respect and recognition they deserve.

Think you could be the next video star? Then now's your chance. Qumu is planning a second, upcoming video celebrating the achievements and challenges of the SysAdmin and is recognizing System Administrator Appreciation Day by choosing a real-life SysAdmin to star in it.  Qumu is inviting all interested System or Network Administrators to apply by completing a short form:

If you win, you get a free trip to Hollywood to film the next addition in the series.