Talent management will be tricky in 2011

All indications say that hiring will increase in 2011. With this increase, however, will come some challenges for hiring managers.

Employers will be facing some challenges in talent management in 2011. According to Douglas Matthews, President and Chief Operating Officer for Right Management (the talent and career management expert within Manpower), here are four critical trends that will affect talent management:

Existing staff maybe looking to leave. A recent poll of 1,400 workers by Right Management found that 84% plan to look for a new job in 2011. Of course, that can't be translated directly to your own turnover rate, but, nevertheless, organizations that are not prepared for this could be at a disadvantage. Your employees will be more frequently contacted by competitors. Another Right Management survey of more than 3,000 individuals found that many employees have already been approached by another company to discuss a job opportunity. More workers will desire to work remotely. This trend will pose new challenges for organizations who want to give their employees greater latitude while insuring performance and results. They may also need to train employees for remote work. It will be harder to find the best employees. Even though hiring will revive, job candidates will be demanding more in some aspects of their jobs, such as increased flexibility, higher pay, and growth opportunities.