Technology that has stolen my heart

I don't mind saying that, speaking only from the perspective of an end-user, I am deeply in love with e-mail. In fact, I even wrote a blog once wishing e-mail a happy birthday.

Sure, e-mail and I have had our ups and downs. It has, more often than not, exposed me to stupid product advertisements that I otherwise would never have known about (Who knew there were so many rich Nigerians looking for bank accounts to put their money in?). And the way others use e-mail has driven me around the bend on more than one occasion. (Yeah, I'm happy that Joe Schmo got promoted too, but I don't feel the need to copy the entire company in my congratulations mail.) And, unlike the Gens X and Y, I didn't grow up having e-mail so I never take it for granted.

All in all, it's been a sweet ride. And while I will never falter in my devotion to electronic mail, I have to say that I've had to make room in my heart for something else: the Remote Desktop.

Where do I start? I can sit at my home computer and with a few clicks have secure access to all of my work applications, files, and network resources as if I were sitting in front of my workstation. Now that's just beautiful if you tend to be a workaholic. And it's especially nice if your company offers you the luxury of working from home now and then.

OK, I'm starting to get mushy now. So tell me, speaking from the end-user's point of view, what technology has made your life better or easier?