The 8 fastest growing industries in 2008

I know, I know. It's a new year and everybody and her brother has dusted off a crystal ball and is out there telling people what to expect in the coming year. If you thought I would resist the cliché, you were wrong.

According to, there are eight industries that will show the most growth in the near future. Not surprisingly, many of these industries involved health care. Either more people are getting sick or more people are realizing that sick people represent some kind of cash cow.

The list includes three technology industries-- software publishers, technical consulting, and graphic/website design. Here's the list in whole:

1. Industry: Home Health Care Services

Occupations: Registered nurses, health aids, nursing and physical therapists.

Where the jobs are: Private agencies, residential care facilities, family services, private households.

2. Industry: Software Publishers

Occupations: Developers, system administrators, project manager, analysts.

Where the jobs are: Telecommunication companies, banks, hospitals, major retailers, transportation and freight companies.

3. Industry: Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting

Occupations: Sales, marketing, financial services, software engineers, program managers.

Where the jobs are: Bio-tech firms, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, call centers.

4. Industry: Residential Care

Occupations: Nursing assistants, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapy assistants, private nurses.

Where the jobs are: Private hospitals, private agencies, outpatient care centers.

5. Industry: Facilities Support Services

Occupations: Property managers, building coordinators, administrative personnel.

Where the jobs are: Asset management companies, government, commercial developers, real- estate firms, hotels, universities, hospitals.

6. Industry: Employment Services

Occupations: Recruiters, human resource managers, benefits administrators.

Where the jobs are: Placement firms, professional employer organizations, major corporations, hospitals, universities.

7. Industry: Independent Artists, Writers and Performers

Occupations: Graphic design, photography, copywriting, website design, musical performers, dancers, actors.

Where the jobs are: Restaurants, night clubs, casinos, newspapers, advertising agencies, theaters, television stations, cable networks, private agents.

8. Industry: Office Administration

Occupations: Office manager, administrative assistants, paralegals, legal assistants.

Where the jobs are: Financial institutions, government, law firms, corporations, non-profit organizations.