The results are in--the most irksome employee poll

Last week, I offered a poll on which kind of employee you find most irksome. The choices were:

  • The Information Hoarder -- the person who absorbs business information but never shares it, in the hopes of becoming indispensable to the organization
  • The Glory-taker -- Someone who takes your idea and doesn't give you credit
  • The Moper -- the one who "overstates the difficulty, not only of every project, but of every task assigned to him, in pursuit of accolades."
  • The Performer -- who "views every meeting as an opportunity to attain Andy Warhol's elusive fifteen minutes of fame, and orally spams with superfluous, off-topic and/or impressive-if-irrelevant commentary."
  • The Know-it-All -- the really intelligent person who thinks he can act any way he wants, and does, because management thinks it can't get along without him
The results are in! The most hated employee type according to you is the Information Hoarder. Second in line was the Know-it-All. Third: The Glory-Taker Tied at Fourth: The Performer and the Moper.

Thanks for participating in the poll!

By Toni Bowers

Toni Bowers is the former Managing Editor of TechRepublic and is the award-winning blogger of the Career Management blog. She has edited newsletters, books, and web sites pertaining to software, IT career, and IT management issues.