Three tips for making the most of an interview thank you note

Most of us are aware that sending a thank you note to interviewers after the interview is a must. They demonstrate a level of professionalism and manners that is always appreciated. But some people don't fully understand how useful a tool a thank you note can be. You can use it to strengthen points you made in the interview or to briefly clarify any issues you think you might need clarifying. Here are some ways to make the best of a thank you note:

  1. I remember when I was younger coming away from interviews without the slightest notion of the name of the person I interviewed with because I'd been so nervous. It would be especially bad if there were several people I'd had to talk to. Make a habit of asking for business cards from each person you talk to.
  2. If you interview with several people at the same company, chances are there will be a few minutes between each interview. Take that time to jot down some notes about the person you just spoke to because things may start to blur after the whole day is over. Maybe one person mentioned having car problems that morning. You can personalize your thank you note to him by saying you hope he got his car issues straightened out.
  3. It's tempting to e-mail a thank you note, especially if you've interviewed with a high-tech company. But from what I've heard from hiring managers, you just can't go wrong with a hard-copy note. Some companies are pretty traditional, and the fact that you've taken the time to hand-write a note goes a long way. Also, if you e-mail, there's a chance the company's e-mail filters will keep your note from getting to the person.