Top five Career discussions of 2009

The Career Management blog had an exceptional year in member discussions. Take a look at the top five.

One of the more gratifying aspects about writing this blog is how you guys take a topic I throw out there and run with it. There is so much collective wisdom available in the discussion area that it is an invaluable source for anyone grappling with career issues.

TechRepublic members often share their personal stories, which is so much more valuable than any theoretical ramblings I can issue forth. Some people disagree with what I say, which is fine and even enlightening for me when they do so in a logical and fair manner.

There are always those who post angry comments with no productive purpose other than being anonymous venom that makes them, I guess, feel better. And most of the time, when this happens, my loyal TR posse comes to my rescue and tells the poster where to get off.

Either way you look at it, it's been a heck of a ride. I've listed below the top five Career Management discussions of 2009.

I'd also like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. I hope that those who are currently looking for work find it. It's been a tough time for many people, and I sincerely hope things start looking up.

I hope those who are working but are not happy, find a way in 2010 to make the going a little easier.

Here are the top five discussions:

  1. 12 technology terms that date you
  2. Woman sues to have name of anonymous web poster revealed
  3. Sure she's a good tech blogger, but what does she look like?
  4. Battling recruiters and the salary issue
  5. Recent court rulings could make weight an issue in hiring