Top IT job boards and how to use them

When looking for work, it's easy to be discouraged by huge job boards. But if you use them in conjunction with some of these tech-specific boards, you might find more success.

It doesn't seem like many TechRepublic members are fond of job boards. Indeed, some job boards are so big that it feels like you're putting your resume in a bottle, tossing it out to sea, and keeping your fingers crossed that an IT recruiter finds it during low tide. But according to an article by James Maguire on, the big job boards can be effective as long as you use them in conjunction with some of the more IT-centric boards.

The formula they recommend is 2GP + 3N. That means that every job seeker "should use two general purpose job boards (like Monster or HotJobs) along with three niche sites: one for your specialty (Java, .NET, etc.), your industry (banking, healthcare, etc.), and your location."

Here are some of the IT-centric boards Maguire recommends:

  • Dice
  • JustTechJobs -- As the name says, targeted to the IT professional; offers a list of jobs by city on the home page.
  • Craigslist: Tech Jobs
  • 37Signals Job Board -- Programming and design jobs, as well as a cornucopia of other IT jobs, from project manager to digital user analyst.
  • The Ladders: Technology Jobs -- After management jobs, the largest category at the site is technology jobs.
  • ComputerJobs -- It won a Weddle's "User Choice" award in 2007. It's owned by, which also owns ComputerWork.
  • oDesk -- Freelance tech work
  • Information Technology Crossing -- Job seekers are charged a fee to access this board. ITC claims it does this so employers don't have to pay, which in turn draws more pure IT job ads.
  • Vault: Technology Jobs
  • JobsInLogistics -- Maguire cautions that many of these jobs are in fields like distribution or manufacturing, but the site "has a dedicated 'systems/ IT' section. (And of course companies that do logistic support are some of the biggest IT employers.)"
  • Net-Temps: Info Tech -- This site focuses on short-term or contract work.
  • Roadtechs: Computer and Telecom -- This board calls itself "the interactive site for the traveling contractor."
  • Slashdot Jobs
  • Jobted IT Jobs -- This site is focused on tech jobs in the UK and Europe.