We all need feedback, just leave my face out of it

I'd say about 95 percent of the people who send me mail about the View from the Cubicle blog are professional. They are folks who, even if they disagree with me, find constructive and well conceived ways to tell me why. I've learned so much from my mail and from the comments you guys post in the discussion area.

But then there is that other 5 percent who make their attacks personal. Like the guy who took the time to e-mail me to tell me I had "an ugly face."

And then there is the guy who pointed out a typo in my piece about the emotional phases one goes through after a layoff. He said that apparently the companies from which I was laid off "made a good choice in letting me go." Because of a typo. In a blog. Of course, this criticism was sent via anonymous e-mail so I couldn't respond.

Kenbergins suggested that I seek other employment-like being a garbage collector. This type of personal critique may be true or a matter of opinion, but isn't there a more constructive way to tell me you don't like my blog?

I write this blog not because I purport to be the world's foremost expert on careers. I'm not the world's expert on anything. (OK, maybe candy).

I write this blog because I've lived through a whole lot of work situations, both good and bad, and I feel that maybe sharing how those experiences worked out might help someone. I'm also a gateway for ideas that come from professionals who DO make a living in career consulting. I scour the Web for interesting facts and statistics and throw them out there for you to mull over.

Sometimes I just throw something out there just for us all to let off steam.

I'm not so egotistical that I think my words are so strikingly meaningful. But I think the blog ends up being meaningful because of what TechRepublic members post in the discussions following them. The value of this blog comes from the experiences that all of us share. I'm floored by the spot-on info you guys share in this forum. If there is wisdom to be gained, it's there.

The real value for the readers comes from people who "get" the purpose of this blog and readily offer to talk about their own experiences. Incidentally, the folks who "get" me are the same ones who circle the wagons when someone attacks my blog (Bless you GadgetGirl, NickNielson, TiggerTwo, Shellbot, JamesRL, Jessie, just to name a few). That's a great feeling.

I'm not writing articles here. I'm writing blogs. Articles are a one-way street. With this blog, I'm hoping to generate a conversation that sparks a sharing of valuable advice and information. That's where the solutions are revealed.

Just, please, leave my face out of it! ; )