What tech do you miss most?

Talk to an older person long enough and you're sure to hear how good the old days were. Even in technology, there are days when you miss the old days.

It seems almost like sacrilege for IT pros to speculate fondly on old technology. After all, it's your natural instinct to explore new frontiers. But if you're really honest, aren't there some old aspects of tech that you miss? That made life a little easier?

For example, some people miss wired communications. There were faster, cheaper, and you didn't sometimes have to dangle your head out a window to avoid interference when you made a phone call. But we gave up clarity for convenience.

Convenience also forced us to give us some of the speed of networking we had with Ethernet.

Some people miss the days of simpler coding and debugging. Others miss the broad usage and commonality of Cobol.

So what technology do you miss most?