Who's the most irksome employee? Let's take a vote

Back in July I wrote a blog about how to know your office foes. A great many of you responded with descriptions of office types that I hadn't mentioned. I thought I'd pull out some of the best suggestions and we'd have a poll on which type is the most irksome to work with. I will list each type with description you guys provided and then open it up for a vote.

The Information Hoarder: The person who absorbs business information but never shares it, in the hopes of becoming indispensable to the organization. Or as TechRepublic member Big Old Jack put it, "The worst obstacle in disaster recovery planning is the human element where a single person creates a single point of failure if he/she becomes incapacitated." (I'm going to put that on a tee-shirt, by the way.) The Glory-Taker: Ever expressed an idea in a meeting, only to have it manifested weeks later to great success by someone who fails to give you credit? Yup, that's the Glory-Taker. The Moper: According to absolutely, the moper is one who "overstates the difficulty, not only of every project, but of every task assigned to him, in pursuit of accolades." The Performer: According to Victoria.Galante, this is the guy or gal who "views every meeting as an opportunity to attain Andy Warhol's elusive fifteen minutes of fame, and orally spams with superfluous, off-topic and/or impressive-if-irrelevant commentary." The Know-it-All: As 19th Hole says, this is "The really intelligent person who thinks they can act like an @#+%#hole, and does. Nothing is done to them because some in management think they can't get along without them."

So let's open it up for a vote! Which employee type irks you the most? I'll share the results next week.