You might be a workaholic if...

Here's a quiz that may tell you whether you're a workaholic.

I am writing this blog so that it can be scheduled to run next week while I'm on vacation. I'm a little leery of taking my vacation for the following reasons:

  • I have to scramble to work ahead for the week I'm out.
  • I will have to scramble to catch up when I get back.
  • When I come back, I will be faced with approximately 40 kerbillion unread email messages.
  • I'm not sure why, but companies that I work for seem to undergo major changes when I'm away. (One company I worked for sold half its business, one underwent a reorg, and another was sold altogether. I'm not saying it's directly related to my vacation, but things like that can make a girl superstitious.)

I have to ask myself: Am I a workaholic? I don't think so - I enjoy my leisure time way too much. But the duties of my job do remain topmost in my mind when I'm away from the office. I'm very invested in my job and in the TechRepublic site.

According to this quiz on CIO Insight's web page, I'm only half a workaholic since I never let work interfere with spending time with my family. It's an interesting quiz. Take it yourself and see where you stand.