You want me to do WHAT?

What are some of the weirdest requirements you've ever seen in a job description?

In pursuit of a summer job, my son recently applied at a moving company. He met all the credentials in the job description -- he can lift over 100 pounds, has a driver's license, clean driving history and can pass a drug test. However, at the end of the interview he was told that if he was called back for a second interview, he would be required to run four laps (one mile) around the office building where the headquarters was located. (The current temperature is hovering about the mid 90s.)

At first, I thought they were pulling his leg. I understand the need to prove one's stamina on a job like that, but running? I could understand if it was a looting company where an ability to flee on foot while carrying a TV or sofa would be beneficial.

Now, I don't think this breaks any EEOC rules. I don't think there's anything specific in the law books about it being illegal to purposefully humiliate a job candidate by making strange qualification standards, but perhaps there should be.

This got me wondering about what other kinds of weird qualifications companies are putting out there. Do you guys have any kind of bizarre story to share?