Apple Talk: The top 10 Apple moments of 2010

From the best iPhone app to Apple's PR blunder of the year

The past 12 months have been remarkable for Apple - but it hasn't been a story of uninterrupted success, with the company's irresistible rise punctuated with some very public pratfalls. Seb Janacek picks out his favourite moments from Apple's big year.

1. iPhone app of the year: Simplenote
Simplenote is simply brilliant. It isn't flashy and doesn't push the iPhone's hardware to the limits, but it has a profoundly useful purpose, which is the simple recording of to-do items, notes, lists, ideas and random thoughts. Use the app to add, access and amend notes across the web, iOS platform and the Mac and PC. Everything syncs almost in real-time and without any fuss.

You'll never want for a pen and paper for a shopping list again. The cloud simplified and put in your pocket.

Runner-up: Hipstamatic
Almost a cliché with iPhone users, the app lets you take pictures in the style of retro camera lenses, flash effects and film.

2. PR blunder of the year: Antennagate
Antennagate was hardly Apple's crowning moment. The external aerial design was applauded when it was first announced but soon proved a significant technical problem for some users. The company looked flustered but it responded swiftly and a free case giveaway followed by spectacular iPhone 4 sales laid the issue to rest.

Even Steve Jobs was forced to admit: "We're not perfect."

3. Apple marketing prop of the year: The leather armchair
The leather armchair Jobs and other executives sat on to promote the iPad as something other than a desktop computer or notebook.

With the iPad, the company is changing the traditionally-held geography of the computer and moving it from the office and the study and into the lounge.

Apple's Steve Jobs at the iPad launch

At January's iPad launch, Apple CEO Steve Jobs sat in an armchair to play up the iPad's domestic qualities
(Photo credit: James Martin/CNET)

4. Innovation of the year: FaceTime
FaceTime - Apple certainly didn't invent video calling but like many Apple innovations it may simply be about...