Apple Talk: The top 10 Apple moments of 2010

From the best iPhone app to Apple's PR blunder of the year

...applying a populist touch. The advert for FaceTime was quite simply brilliant and with the technology spreading to the iPod Touch and Mac in 2010 and inevitably to the iPad in 2011, it's possible that the video call paradigm could catch on.

Former CEO John Scully once described Apple thus: "People talk about technology but Apple was a marketing company. It was the marketing company of the decade." FaceTime is a good example of that in action.

Steve Jobs announces FaceTime on an iPhone 4

Steve Jobs announces FaceTime on an iPhone 4
(Photo credit: James Martin/CNET)

Runner-up: AirPlay
It isn't brand-new but having been extended to the iOS devices it's a revelation. Being able to control your Mac's iTunes library via your iPhone to pump music through the speakers in your lounge has been made outrageously easy.

5. iPad app of the year: Dropbox
Dropbox is the cloud perfectly executed. I became a little obsessed with cloud software for iOS device integration this year and this is the cream of the lot.

It has been one of the iPad apps that has made the tablet computer a really compelling product for me in 2010. The technology lets you sync and manage a wide range of files across Macs, PCs, iOS devices and the Dropbox website. Synching is seamless. Take an iPad synched with Dropbox to a meeting and you'll never need to print materials again. I use it several times a day. Best of all: it's free.

Runner-up 1: Pulse News
A beautifully imagined RSS and social media aggregator.

Runner-up 2: TuneIn Radio
A global radio for the iPad.

Runner-up 3: Pages
Apple's own word processing app.

Runner-up 4: Flipboard
There have been so many great iPad apps, but Flipboard was recently voted best iPad app of the year by Apple. A similar proposition to Pulse with a very different execution.

6. U-turn of the year
Flash on an iOS device? Are you mad, sir? Apparently not. After railing against the Flash platform since the iPhone launched, Apple conceded in September and amended its developer guidelines to open the iTunes App Store doors to apps developed on tools used to create iOS software.

7. Damp squib of the year: The Beatles iTunes launch
So The Beatles are finally on iTunes and they've sold a truckload more Fab Four songs, but did it really merit...