Application black hole: Half of CIOs in the dark over what apps they have

Too much irrelevant software and not enough doing the right stuff...


Half of CIOs and IT directors do not have a complete view of what is in their application portfolioPhoto: Shutterstock

Don't know what's in your application portfolio or how to get application developments funded? You're not alone, according to a survey of IT chiefs.

Half of CIOs and IT directors queried do not have a complete view of what is in their application portfolio, Fujitsu-commissioned research found, while two-thirds of respondents said they felt their applications portfolio was only partially aligned to their business strategy or was not aligned at all.

Only four out of 10 said they had the right strategy to manage their applications portfolio, while two-thirds could not provide the true cost of running applications in their business, according to the research, published this week.

The survey also found that duplicate applications are common in UK organisations, with half of the respondents describing the level of duplication as 'moderate' to 'too much'.

Although three-quarters of the CIOs and IT directors surveyed said that development and support of current applications was high on their organisation's agenda, over half still struggle to fund new application development projects.

By Steve Ranger

Steve Ranger is the UK editor-in-chief of ZDNet and TechRepublic. An award-winning journalist, Steve writes about the intersection of technology, business and culture, and regularly appears on TV and radio discussing tech issues. Previously he was th...